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Puppy Finder

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Puppy Finder

Puppy Finder

Puppy Finding

With hundreds of unique dog breeds, each with individual characteristics and personalities, finding the right puppy to suit your lifestyle can be an overwhelming task where Puppy Finder. Even after selecting the perfect breed, sourcing a healthy, responsibly-bred puppy can be even more challenging.

Unfortunately, today’s world sees hundreds of puppies bred and born in appalling conditions to unhealthy parents in a bid for profit. As a trainer, I often encounter these dogs later in life, many having gone on to develop a multitude of health and behavioural issues requiring intensive rehabilitation programmes, ongoing medical treatments and, in the worst cases, euthanisation, leaving owners heartbroken. It is for this reason that I have developed this service.

With my vast contacts and canine knowledge, I will help you navigate the minefield of buying a puppy, from advising you on a suitable breed and sex to finding an assured breeder who uses health screening schemes and meets the new Kennel Club standards of responsible breeding.

In sourcing your perfect pet, I select three potential litters, conducting independent vet visits and a 5-point health check. I conduct extensive background and lineage research, checking both parents’ hereditary disease screenings to ensure the results are within the outlined healthy ranges.

I can offer an assisted purchase selection, recommending which littermate is best for you.

We also offer a pre-arrival ten-day programme where we board the puppy to begin their basic training, including toilet training, important socialisation and help with litter separation adjustment. We also take your puppy to receive all necessary immunisations and provide a schedule for follow on appointments at your selected local vet.

I also offer continued support, guidance and training throughout your dog’s lifetime, advising you on everything from nutrition and exercise to wellbeing and education.