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Choosing the perfect puppy can be a minefield. Some breeds require hours of daily stimulation and exercise; others like to sleep for 16 hours a day, so understanding your lifestyle and home setup is the first step to helping you find your ideal family puppy. A dog is a long-term commitment, so choosing the right breed from the outset is paramount to responsible dog ownership.


Finding a reputable breeder and selecting the right puppy will make a massive difference to your puppy’s lifelong health and temperament. Sadly, many unethical breeders do not take care of their dogs properly, allowing mothers to have multiple litters well into their old age, which can lead to many challenging behavioural and health problems that are entirely preventable.


Once you have decided on the perfect pup, I use my experience and intuition to ensure that your puppy has come from a reputable breeder.  I search using a number of sources including the Kennel Club and my own little black book of ethical breeders, built up from years of puppy finding.


The first few weeks of a puppy’s life are vital to its long-term development, so I ensure that your puppy has been raised in only the best environment. I consider the mother’s size, weight, and age, and how many previous litters she has had. I speak to the breeders in detail and conduct extensive background and lineage checks, and complete due diligence to guarantee that hereditary disease tests have been carried out, ensuring your puppy is in optimum health before sending you information on potential litters.

The process takes a few weeks in most cases, depending on the requirements, and I work with total transparency on your behalf to navigate the obstacles of finding a healthy, loving, perfect puppy.


I recommend training your puppy as early as possible, and for an additional cost, I offer a pre-arrival, residential Puppy Boot Camp training program to ease the transition away from their littermates.

On arrival day, I will spend up to an hour in your home helping to integrate your puppy into its new environment.

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