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Tatler Article – Dog Therapy

DOGS HAVE HAD IT HARD this year. Yes, they’ve been the heroes of the pandemic, the delight and salvation of lonely and lovestarved people across the country. But their very own doggy pandemic is massing on the horizon, born of separation anxiety, lack of socialisation and a build-up of bad feelings absorbed from their increasingly frazzled owners. And that means that a whole panoply of dog therapists is coming into its own, with treatments and theories at the ready.
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How To Decide The Best Small Dog Breed For You

If you are planning to purchase or adopt a puppy and you want it to stay small, then it’s important to choose the right breed. Each small breed dog has its own unique characteristics, some are energetic and active, some are more relaxed and happier to sit on your lap for hours at a time, and some are easier to train than others. Regardless of the small breed dog you choose, dog training experts recommend you choose the best one for the whole family.