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About Robin

About Robin

As a passionate dog lover and advocate of focus-based, force-free
training I founded Master Dog and developed my own unique intuitive training
approach. Unlike other training programmes, my method works by harnessing your dog’s heightened senses to radically improve obedience and focus.

Successful dog training lies with effective and calm communication between dog and handler. Therefore, my training sessions, are tailored to both dog and owner, enabling both of you to get the most out of your relationship while you gain confidence in your abilities as a handler and your dog becomes comfortable with you as leader. With an emphasis on canine communication, I draw on my natural affinity with dogs, by working to help you and your dog understand one another in a way that guarantees results.


In my training sessions I will demonstrate my unique methods whilst offering you the tools you need to communicate effectively with your dog to continue training alone. For busier households, I offer fast track services and a puppy
boot camp, which includes an intensive home and public etiquette training plan to set your puppy in the right direction.

I am truly passionate about my job and use my extensive practical experience and detailed behavioural knowledge to transform your dog into one that you are proud to own.


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