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Dog Behaviour
& Rehabilitation

Dog Behaviour Training London
Dog Behaviour Training
Dog Behaviour Training

Dog behaviour and Rehabilitation Training

Dog Whisperer

Dogs aren’t inherently disobedient and behavioural issues often lie with a lack of clear communication between dog and handler. I illustrate the benefits of effective communication, helping you to develop a positive, balanced relationship by working in a way that your dog understands. I specialise in transforming ‘problem dogs’ into pets that you will enjoy spending time with. I will work closely with you to identify the motivations of your dog’s behaviour and offer practical advice that will help you see immediate improvements.

My comprehensive rehabilitation programme educates both dog and owner to produce long term results by tackling behavioural problems for good. I offer ongoing support along your dog’s journey and will provide you with a rehabilitation plan enabling you to integrate new training techniques into daily lives.

My specialist, holistic approach works to help you understand the world through your dog’s eyes and enables you to structure an environment that helps them to feel safe.


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