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Why You Should Give Your Dog Barking Training Early

Dog Barking Training

As dog owners, we love every facet of our furry friends’ personalities. Whether it’s their boundless energy, their mischievous antics, or even their knack for chewing on our favourite shoes, we wouldn’t trade it for the world. However, one issue that can cause concern for many dog owners is persistent barking – especially when it […]

Importance Of Dog House Training In London

Dog House Training

When it comes to pet ownership in the bustling metropolis of London, house training your dog is a must. One individual who has mastered this process is Robin James, a seasoned dog owner and trainer in the heart of the city. In this informative blog post, we will delve into the art of dog house […]

Tatler Article – Dog Therapy

Dog Therapy

this year. Yes, they’ve been the
heroes of the pandemic, the delight
and salvation of lonely and lovestarved
people across the country.
But their very own doggy pandemic
is massing on the horizon,
born of separation anxiety, lack
of socialisation and a build-up of
bad feelings absorbed from their
increasingly frazzled owners. And
that means that a whole panoply
of dog therapists is coming into its
own, with treatments and theories
at the ready.

How To Decide The Best Small Dog Breed For You

If you are planning to purchase or adopt a puppy and you want it to stay small, then it’s important to choose the right breed. Each small breed dog has its own unique characteristics, some are energetic and active, some are more relaxed and happier to sit on your lap for hours at a time, and some are easier to train than others. Regardless of the small breed dog you choose, dog training experts recommend you choose the best one for the whole family.

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